Villa Beji Indah is the home of Dr. Steve Wignall, a physician, AIDS activist and
former US Navy medical officer, who first came to Indonesia some 25 years ago. In
2007 he acquired and renovated the first of the three villas as his retirement home.
However, retirement didn't happen. His passion to ensure marginalized communities
receive access to HIV and sexually transmitted infection (STI) health services drives
him until today and he spends much of his time in Jakarta or other parts of SE Asia
working with the governments and international organizations to bring HIV testing
treatment to poor and highly stigmatized populations in need.
Though not around very much, three years later Dr Wignall acquired and renovated
second and third villas in this sprawling riverside property. Together they now form
the magical Villa Beji Indah (VBI) with 11 rooms, 7 ponds, 4 meditation pavilions, 3
swimming pools, 2 Yoga-Shalas and a stretch of one stunning and sacred river in the
most lush and green Nyuh Kuning suburb of Ubud, Bali.
Apart from making family, friends and other guests comfortable and relaxed, the other
mission of VBI is fund raising to support the Bali Peduli Foundation
(, a non-profit organization started by Dr. Wignall and friends to
ensure HIV treatment access to communities across Bali. This non-governmental
organization has so far tested more than 10,000 individuals at risk for HIV and other
STIs and has started 700 people in treatment through its two clinics in Ubud and
Villa Beji Indah operates less like a corporate entity and more as a social enterprise.
Investment in staff welfare and development, commitment to the local communities
and supporting sustainable tourism is at the core of our operation.
Our staff are from the picturesque village of Nyuh Kuning or the surrounding suburbs.
No one is hospitality trained but everyone is invested in its mission - to create an
unforgettable experience for those who visit us while ensuring care for the
environment and support those less fortunate.
At the end of the day, this is our home and we welcome you to come stay with us.
And soon it will be yours too!