There is no doubt that Ubud is now one of the world's yoga capitals. In March there is the fantastic Bali Spirit festival that brings together yoga, music and meditation enthusiasts.

There are some wonderful yoga schools in Ubud namely Radiantly Alive and Yoga Barn.  The cool new player Ubud Yoga Center is just 5 minutes walk from Villa Beji Indah as are several other yoga classes and meditation centers. Ambar Ashram and Ayurvedic Center is also located within our village. One of the most popular meditation is the laughing meditation which takes place at Ambar every Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Within Villa Beji Indah compound, there are 2 Yoga Shalas purpose built for yoga retreats. One of them is in the middle of the garden surrounded by water features.This shala will hold about 20 yogis and yoginis. The other, a newly built platform by the river offers the most spectacular setting for both sunrise and sutset Surya Namaskar.

Yoga retreat packages include daily coconut water, gluten free or vegetarian meals tailored to guests needs.

There are also 4 meditation pavilions dotted around the property where one can take time to reflect and be one with nature.

Here's a review on Trip Advisor from one of our retreat organisers:

I have just hosted my 7th "Get Wellbeing in Bali" yoga retreat at this beautiful property in Nyuh Kuning. Remembering the importance of sharing (although I would love to keep this place all to myself) I have to say this place is very special to me ... not just the beautiful tranquil surroundings and the amazing friendly kind and hardworking staff but the indescribable energy of this place. Cannot wait to return for our 8th Yoga retreat next year. It's like coming home! ❤️